If you are thinking of attending the Laredo Phil for the first time you may naturally have a few questions. We have assembled many of the easy questions here, and if there other questions you may have not addressed here please feel free to write to contact us.
When are the concerts?
Most all of our concerts are held on Sunday afternoons beginning at 3:00 p.m.. Check the Concert Season page for exact detail about location as our concerts are held at Texas A&M International University in the Fall of 2012 and the Martinez Fine Arts Center at Laredo Community College in the Spring of 2013.
Can I buy my tickets at the door?
Yes we sell our tickets in the lobby and accept cash, check and credit cards. If you plan on buying your tickets at the door we recommend that you make allowances for the time that will take - come at least 15 minutes in advance of the 3:00 p.m. start time.
The easiest way to get your tickets is to purchase them online - we will email you a receipt with a unique QR code to show at the door as proof of purchase. Back to top

You may also call our office (956) 326-3042 and reserve your tickets - they will be waiting at the "Will Call" table.
What time do the doors open?
Generally speaking the doors to the concerts open 45 minutes ahead of the concert. Back to top

For certain concerts we have a "Pre-show Performance" by a local youth ensemble - the Chamber Orchestra of Laredo, the Laredo Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, High School / Middle School orchestra. These performances begin at 2:30 and finish around 2:50 p.m.
What should I wear?
This is a common question as some people believe from watching TV that you should be in a ball-gown or tuxedo............NOT TRUE!!!
Wear whatever you are comfortable in: Jeans are perfectly acceptable. One thing to bear in mind, you will be sitting in an airconditioned hall for approximately two hours and some people get cold during that time. It is recommended to have a light coat or a wrap to put on without disturbing those around you. Back to top

How long will the concert last?
Our concerts last approximately two hours (give or take 15 minutes). Generally we plan on about 75 minutes of music divided into two halves with a 15 minute intermission. 
Our music director likes to introduce each piece and provide a little background to help everyone undertsand something about the work so depending on how long he talks(!) it extends the concert to about two hours. Back to top

What if I don't know the music?
This is very common - not everyone can know the music that you are going to hear, and it is OK. You will hear usually three or four pieces of music that will all have a common theme, will all be unique and different from each other, and sometimes you will recognize music as something you have heard before, or it will remind you of something you do know, and will expand your knowledge of music.
As you listen, try to pick out the different instruments, or recognize tunes as them come back. Listening is a participatory activity - you should be engaged and following the music actively. Sometimes of course it is just as pleasurable to left the music waft over you, but when you are actively listening you will discover new depths to the music. Back to top

Where do I sit?
Our concerts do not have assigned seating so you can sit anywhere in the hall. The best views of the orchestra are from the seats closer to the stage - you get to see the musicians intently making music for your pleasure. If you want to see the entire orchestra sit a littl further back and you get a more "birds-eye" view. Back to top

Can I bring soda and pop-corn?
No. Unfortunately we don't allow food or drink into the theater / recital hall. Attending a concert is a very different experience than going to a movie - it is much more engaging, as you listen to the music. But because the concert experience is mostly auditory any noise (like pop-corn) is distracting to others. Back to top

Can I take photographs of the performers?
The use of cameras and any kind of audio or video recording equipment is not permitted in the concert hall unless authorized by Laredo Phil management in advance and in writing. Use of flash is prohibited at all times. All electronic signals on watches, cell phones, pagers and other equipment must be turned off before performances. Back to top

What are the “rules” for attending a concert?
Arrive within plenty of time to take your seat before the performance begins. We recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to start time in order to use the restroom, find your seats, peruse the program and read the program notes to learn a little more about the music that evening.
Performances begin promptly at the scheduled starting time. Latecomers will be seated at an appropriate break in the program, as determined by the conductor.
Prior to the performance, please turn off all audio alerts including watch alarms, cell phones, and pagers. If needed, please give any of these items to the house manager, along with your seating location.
It is customary to applaud when the conductor enters the stage. You may take this cue from those who can see the conductor's entrance. Most classical works are broken into movements, with a slight pause indicating the end of one movement and the beginning of the next. As a standard practice, applause is held until after all movements of the piece have been completed. If you are unclear as to when the piece has been completed, simply wait until the music has stopped and the conductor has turned around to face the audience. If you just can't restrain your enthusiasm for a particular movement, feel free to clap at its conclusion! Back to top
Is there a refund / exchange policy?
If you have purchased tickets but are unable to use them, simply present the tickets to our Box Office before the performance occurs. We will gladly help you exchange the tickets for any upcoming performance within the same season. Non-subscribers will be charged $5.00 for each ticket exchanged. Back to top

If you cannot attend, we invite you to donate your tickets to the Orchestra at least 24 hours prior to a performance. You will receive a tax-deductible donation acknowledgment for the value of the tickets.

Money-back guarantee:
To date we have never had anyone take us up on this, but, if you attend a Laredo Phil concert, and after staying for the entire concert feel like you either didn't enjoy the concert or thought that the concert was a waste of money, we will refund you the cost of your ticket. Simply contact the orchestra office at (956) 326-3042 and tell us about your experience. Back to top

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